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Wood Burning Systems

Biomass applies to anything that is grown and can be anything from wood through straw to waste sawdust.

The most common small units are wood or multi-fuel burners. The bigger domestic systems include things like Agas or Rayburns and can be used as cookers as well as central heating units. The largest systems are central heating units for large buildings or groups of connected housing.

Design considerations should include how big a system do you require (e.g. how many kilowatts), fuel types, space heating or water heating as well, and so forth.

We can size your unit(s) for you, advise on suppliers of units and fuel, and even help install the smaller units or project manage the installation of the bigger ones

Please call us to arrange your visit.

Large Biomass System

Biomass boilers are the Rolls Royce systems of the wood burning types. These are designed to heat your entire house or building as a central heating unit. They burn wood or wood derivatives instead of oil or gas. The most obvious units are things like solid fuel Aga’s or Rayburn’s, which are great if you want a cooker as well as a heating unit, but a lot of work humping all that wood/coal. However the modern large units are central heating systems only and are typically automatically and continuously run with large feed hopper. The key design criterion is the ‘fuel’. The most common units use compressed wood pellets that can be stored and fed to your boiler like coal or coke. There are ‘solid’ wood units but they are more complicated to operate. Of course biomass covers anything that is ‘grown’ and you can get units that burn straw bales, waste sawdust and other ‘green fuels’.

Design considerations are vital as these are substantial equipment items delivering very large heating output. In their bigger sizes the flue design is often critical and may be subject to planning permission. The source of your fuel material needs consideration and storage on site. We have fifteen years of running our own wood burning stoves and lots of experience of different types and designs in other properties. We can size your unit(s) for you, advise on suppliers, and even help install it if you want. Visit us to see ours or we’ll take you to some show rooms and explain what you need.

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