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Small Scale Wind

Like Hydroelectric schemes Wind power has been around for a very long time. In their simplest form wind mills have been used for draining the Fens and Polders, grinding corn, carding wool, the list is endless. However when talking about wind power never ask for a windmill! Turbines generate wind energy and although they look the similar and the principle is the same they are very different.

Unlike large scale Wind turbines scale domestic version have smaller blades operating at high speed. When you are looking to buy a turbine the important information is the minimum wind speed it'll operate at, what's the blade diameter (how wide is it), is it building or pole mounted and what's its noise level.

There has been a lot of bad press about small wind turbines like they are noisy and the vibration can cause building damage. In addition they don't generate much power. However with the correct advise and specification these can be overcome.

You need to know how much power you what to generate, what's the average wind speed for your location (based on Met. office data) and where to site it; and it's not just about the turbine, wind energy is also variable and you need to think about energy storage for days when the wind isn't blowing. There are also planning consideration to understand.

Why not just give us a call and we help you specify your own system.

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