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About SAB

We are two chartered chemical engineers, with wide ranging experience in various industrial sectors thereby acquiring knowledge and practice of many environmental and resources issues. We hold the belief that we are here as stewards of the earth and are responsible for our actions. At home we have set out to become more self-sufficient ourselves, having installed solar thermal (hot water) panels 16 years ago and more recently a wood burning stove for space heating. We have taken steps to make our home more energy efficient and create a sustainable environment around us.

Let us help you do the same at your home or small business. We will assist you to work out what you want to do, within your budget and appropriate to your circumstances. WE DO NOT SELL systems but, applying our engineering and project management skills, will help you reach your optimal decision.

Keynote Speaker

As we are passionate in what we believe, we can offer our services as keynote speakers or after dinner speakers at your events. We have extensive experience at public speaking from everything to presenting evidence to the House of Lords select committee on waste in the Houses of Parliament to after dinner speaking at meetings such as Rotary clubs. We will make it straightforward and amusing or technical and focused depending on your audience.

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