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As an independent adviser, we offer impartial choice, access to good information and experience to help you identify the right product for your project and how best to achieve your energy requirements. SABInfo offers guidance on renewable energy provision for the householder and small business owner including solar thermal, wind, solar photovoltaic, hydro, biomass and heat pump technologies - contact us!

Our commitment and focus is on superior customer service applied over the range of renewable energy technologies. Many companies provide expertise in a single technology our approach is holistic. We do not sell any products ourselves. No technology on its own can provide the total answer, or produce the demanded levels of energy savings. We see the best value in multiple, integrated green energy solutions for our customers.

SAB Info can provide practical impartial advice on:

  • Lifestyle changes about reducing your carbon footprint;
  • Simple ways of moderating your energy consumption;
  • Bespoke options for sustainable "green solutions".

The most cost effective contribution you can make is to reduce your energy use and ensure that you use energy efficiently. Then consider installing alternative energy systems into your new build or retrofit as you refurbish or upgrade your home or buildings. Within our website you will find information on how we can assist you to take advantage of such opportunities.

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